Insider "confirms" DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 6
Even though the creators of GTA Online may be excited about the future of this very popular online multiplayer game, leakers have been busy finding out more about the next game in the best-selling video game series.
Tom Orry - Mar 07, 2023
GTA devs hint at the future of GTA Online
After more than a few years on the market, few live-service games still make money. Even fewer can make it through a bad launch.
Tom Orry - Mar 06, 2023
What Happened to the GTA 6 Leaker
The famous Grand Theft Auto 6 leak was a huge disaster for Rockstar, and the teen who did it got into a lot of trouble with the law.
Tom Orry - Mar 05, 2023
More GTA 6 teases likely coming to GTA Online soon
Most leaks about future Rockstar Games projects that are found in GTA Online are found in newer and coming updates. This is pretty much how data mining works: a studio adds an update file before it's released to the public, and data miners use that file to find out information before it's made public.
Tom Orry - Mar 04, 2023
Bryson Tiller could join 50 Cent in GTA 6
GTA 6 leaks have been going on for a long time. Since the next game in the series was announced last year, fans of Rockstar's open-world RPG have been dying for news about it.
Tom Orry - Mar 03, 2023

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