Rockstar Games drops multi-glitch hotfix update for GTA Online
Players of GTA Online have spent most of this week complaining about a glitch that makes them too scared to play in public lobbies. Rockstar Games was quick to fix the problem, which is good.
Tom Orry - Feb 11, 2023
Drive taxis around Los Santos with the January 19 GTA Online Update
RPers will love GTA Online. But one of the few things you can't do in the popular online game becomes a taxi driver like Robert De Niro. All of this is going to change with the latest update to GTA Online.
Tom Orry - Feb 10, 2023
GTA 6 release date
Here's everything you need to know about the rumors, news, and leaks about GTA 6's release date, gameplay, and other details that have been found so far.
Tom Orry - Feb 02, 2023
Fastest car in GTA 5
Broughy1322 has tested the real top speeds of the fastest cars in GTA Online in a long straight line with the cars fully upgraded. Read his full explanation of how the correct Top Speed values were calculated to find out all the details.
Tom Orry - Feb 01, 2023

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